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Mycroft Mind, being one of the first spin-offs of the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University, was established by Filip Procházka. Since its very beginnings, it has focused on artificial intelligence and data analytics. Then, since 2011 it specialises in the creation of systems and services for the collection, management, and evaluation of data from energy networks. Mycroft Mind has successfully completed a number of projects for electricity distributors – not only in Czechia, where it works for ČEZ, E.ON and PRE, but also internationally, as one of the world's biggest electricity utilities, Iberdrola is among its clients.

The company has experience in the field of smart cities, where it is currently focusing on establishing the conditions for energy communities through the intelligent management of local distribution networks and, more importantly, preparing energy strategies, which most cities still do not have or are often now outdated. Solutions Main products of Mycroft Mind are an AI platform, DataGenie and an application, Visual Grid Analytics. Thanks to the application of machine learning modules, DataGenie is able to process really large quantities of data. This is why it serves as a robust AI platform for the collection, processing, management and analysis of technical data from IoT networks – both for energy distribution networks or city infrastructure.

The application Visual Grid Analytics is based on the elements of DataGenie, connecting cutting-edge analytics with a visualisation through an interactive 3D scene, offering instead of Excel charts and series of graphs a quickly understandable model, a digital copy of your infrastructure, which detects problems and warns you about them. This way, it can detect places where illegal electricity use or charging an electrical car at home happens – both have a negative effect on the electrical grid surrounding them.

Thanks to its internal team of 8 mathematicians and data analysts, Mycroft Mind is able to offer its clients tailored solutions related to their use case. This expertise has also secured Mycroft Mind a strong position in the field of science and research, where it has long collaborated on major research projects with most of the leading Czech technical colleges and universities.

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