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Research Institute Safety


In our research institute we are involved with the research, development, and production of advanced materials for a variety of applications. Recently we have been addressing a security aspect and the protection of citizens and critical infrastructure against terrorist attacks as well.

We develop materials resistant to gunshots, explosions, and vehicle-ramming attacks. We aim to bring the results of research and development into practical use. Our flagship products are composite parts made of glass fibre reinforced concrete. These thin parts with a thickness of 10-15 mm and high mechanical strength and durability are used, for example, in the manufacturing of cable cabinets for high-voltage cables.

Furthermore, they can be used to create facade elements of various surfaces and shapes, urban furniture, architectural elements etc. Our experimental production includes development workshops with machinery for turning, milling, locksmithing and welding. In these workshops, it is possible to produce any required shape, as well as any additional parts necessary for fixing an element to a wall or anchoring it to a surface.

Large-volume planters

Large-volume planters of various sizes can be placed in parks, squares, or car parks, and can also be used on terraces of residential buildings etc. Planters can be made of grey or white cement, coloured, or coated, and their surface may be smooth or embossed. Thanks to their thin walls these elements are light, and as such, easy to move.

Safe dustbins

The material composition of this bin made of laminate and steel structures increases its resistance to explosives that might be placed into it. The bin is capable of neutralizing the blast energy of up to 2 kgs of TNT, without producing any dangerous fragments that could injure passers-by. We aim to increase the security of citizens and to protect critical infrastructure against attacks by terrorists or mentally disturbed persons in places with a high concentration of people, e.g., in city squares, railway stations and shopping or entertainment centres.

Safety barrier against vehicle ramming

This safety barrier is made of L-shaped reinforced concrete. Flower racks or benches can be hung on it or a bicycle rack can be added, so the barrier simply fits into its urban environment. In case of a vehicle-ramming terrorist attack, the barrier rolls from one side to the other, leaving the vehicle hanging on the top of the barrier, unable to continue driving and endangering citizens.

Speed bumps

These glass fibre reinforced concrete elements can be used to reduce the speed of vehicles or to separate the roadside, as well as to define lanes. They can also define islands of roundabouts and their entries and lanes.

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